sex wales and anarchy film 2009

The 1st Sex, Wales & Anarchy Film (SWA Film) Festival will take place on the 4th of September 2010. After a good turnout in previous years we have decided to extend our film track to allow a greater scope of films and filmmakers. Our aim is to show the diversity of films, talent and ideas found in Wales. However you don’t have to be Welsh to take part, as long as there is some relevant link to Wales past, present or future. We are looking for imaginative and diverse films that take the themes of Sex, Wales and Anarchy and use them in interesting ways.

The schedule will be posted in the next few days but the first event to be announced is a panel with James Moran and Gareth David-Lloyd on Girl Number 9.

James Moran

James Moran is a British screenwriter for television and film, whose first produced work came as a result of a UK Sci-Fi Channel short film competition, when he had his winning script ‘Cheap Rate Gravity’ made into a short film. His first feature-length screenplay was ‘Severance’, a horror movie starring Laura Harris, Danny Dyer, Toby Stephens, Claudie Blakley, Andy Nyman and Babou Ceesay.

He recently wrote Girl Number 9, a 6-part web thriller starring Gareth David-Lloyd, Joe Absolom and Tracy-Ann Oberman, and directed the final 3 episodes. The series was nominated for 5 Streamy Awards, and has been picked up for worldwide distribution by ContentFilm.

James has had short stories published in the Big Finish Short Trips collections Transmissions and Christmas Around the World, the 2009 and 2010 Doctor Who Storybooks, and Torchwood: Consequences. He currently has several movies and TV shows in various stages of development, including Cockneys Vs Zombies, a horror movie which starts shooting in 2010.

SWA Film Track

2:30 – Film Room Opens

Svengali Ep1 – God Love a Tryer (Philip John)

Foot Fetish (Tess McIntyre & Emma Chamberlin)

Girl Number 9 Episode 2 (James Moran)

Bad Company Teaser (Jason King)

3:00 – Samantha Price (Independent Producer)

Talking about how she made it into the industry, making her first feature film, Bad Company, and life after. Also she may be announcing some of the current projects she is working on.

3:30 – Films Part One

Cider with Roger (Adam Millbank),

Multi-Story (Stuart Hastie & Jack Wormell)

The Heart Tail Brand (Beverly Nixon-Pedersen)

4:00 – Continued from Main Stage

Girl Number 9 Episode 2 (James Moran)

Vive La France (Luke Andrews)

4:15 – Luke Andrews (Writer, Director)

Talking after the screening of Vive La France, a WWII Thriller he recently directed in Wales. This is a chance to talk to one of Wales up and coming filmmakers about how he is finding his way in the industry.

4:45 – Films Part Two

Svengali Ep2 – Burn after Listening (Philip John)

School in the Woods (Dominic Brouard)

The Gate Keeper (Rachel Dax) or Helter Skelter (Rachel Dax)

5:15 – Rachel Dax (Writer, Director and Actor)

Rachel will be screening some of her previous and hopefully latest work (if it is completed on time). She will be talking about how she has made her way in the industry offering insights from her experience coving many area of the film industry.

5:45 – Films till Close

Ghosts in Armour (Richard Crandon)

The Imaginary Environments of a Soul Surfer (Hajime Yoneda)

6:00 – Close

7:00 – Open Mic


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