News about SWA4

Sex, Wales and Anarchy Four (SWA4) has been postponed until early 2012.

Blue Gillespie, the prog metal band who organise the cross-arts festival, are currently working on their new studio album which is due for release later this year.

Gareth David-Lloyd, lead singer of Blue Gillespie said: “We would love to have Sex, Wales and Anarchy in its regular late-summer spot, but if we tried to split our focus between SWA4 and our new album one of them would suffer and we want both to do the best that possibly can for both the fans and the festival goers.”


6 thoughts on “News about SWA4

  1. Love the fact that the band do the right thing by their music and the fans. Shame more bands don’t have Blue Gillespie’s work/creative ethic. Early next year for Fest goers is better than nothing, at least now you know it is still happening, choice.

  2. I agree with Cathy – it’s good to know that Blue Gillespie has such constructive view of work that should be done well. I like Gareth’s thoroughness. It always worth it in the end.

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