Schedule Film Track

SWA Film Track

2:30 – Film Room Opens

Svengali Ep1 – God Love a Tryer (Philip John)

Foot Fetish (Tess McIntyre & Emma Chamberlin)

Girl Number 9 Episode 2 (James Moran)

Bad Company Teaser (Jason King)

3:00 – Samantha Price (Independent Producer)

Talking about how she made it into the industry, making her first feature film, Bad Company, and life after. Also she may be announcing some of the current projects she is working on.

3:30 – Films Part One

Cider with Roger (Adam Millbank),

Multi-Story (Stuart Hastie & Jack Wormell)

The Heart Tail Brand (Beverly Nixon-Pedersen)

4:00 – Continued from Main Stage

Girl Number 9 Episode 2 (James Moran)

Vive La France (Luke Andrews)

4:15 – Luke Andrews (Writer, Director)

Talking after the screening of Vive La France, a WWII Thriller he recently directed in Wales. This is a chance to talk to one of Wales up and coming filmmakers about how he is finding his way in the industry.

4:45 – Films Part Two

Svengali Ep2 – Burn after Listening (Philip John)

School in the Woods (Dominic Brouard)

The Gate Keeper (Rachel Dax) or Helter Skelter (Rachel Dax)

5:15 – Rachel Dax (Writer, Director and Actor)

Rachel will be screening some of her previous and hopefully latest work (if it is completed on time). She will be talking about how she has made her way in the industry offering insights from her experience coving many area of the film industry.

5:45 – Films till Close

Ghosts in Armour (Richard Crandon)

The Imaginary Environments of a Soul Surfer (Hajime Yoneda)

6:00 – Close

7:00 – Open Mic


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